Girls AAU

Girls AAU


NJ Thunder Basketball offers competitive travel for boys and girls ages 8-18 for the summer months. The season runs from the end of September until the end of November and it consists of local leagues and/or tournament games. Fall AAU will consist of one practice for two hours on the weekday. Games are usually played on the weekend. All players will receive an NJ Thunder Basketball uniform that is similar to the spring uniform for game competitions. ALL PRACTICES ARE RAN OUT OF MENDHAM MIDDLE SCHOOL OR ELEMENTARY 


NJ Thunder AAU prioritizes team play and individual skill development. Each season, we are able to achieve excellent results through our top-notch coaching, lofty expectations (player and team), and committed players, families, and coaches. Unlike winter and spring, our Fall AAU program serves to prepare players to improve for their school season.


Fall AAU consists of two weekly basketball practices for one to two hours. Teams will attend four to five tournaments or league play for the fall season. AAU fee will be determined by the number of players on each team. Our fee is generally much more affordable than our competitor’s price.


Our program offers a competitive advantage because we utilize drills that are professionally organized and game-specific. We fine-tune the details of your child’s fundamentals skills and equip them to take their game to a higher level. At NJ Thunder, we place a great amount of emphasis on concepts such as dribbling, footwork, court awareness, shooting form, floor spacing, and change of direction. These skills are necessary for an athlete’s improvement and development as a basketball player.


We also introduce players to high-intensity practices and develop their mental toughness in order to prepare them for playing at a higher level.

NJ Thunder strives to keep our program affordable so that anyone with passion and skill can benefit from what we offer. Fall season fees will be between $595–$895 per player. Cost depends on the number of tournaments and the level of your son or daughter’s team. 


Each player is required to purchase a uniform kit from our store. We subsidize part of the cost so the price is $90. This is in addition to the registration fee. Players can keep the uniforms they purchase. We provide all other gear that is required by our club.


Many of our coaches have been with us for several years. Each coach has USA Basketball License, NCAA ECAG Volunteer verified, NFHS Coaches certificate, and has a Positive Coaching Alliance certificate. Rise as One takes pride in providing the best coaching experience possible



A tremendous advantage that our players have is consistent training.  We put all of our teams through an unparalleled training curriculum. Athletes will improve their strength, power, vertical jump, speed, acceleration, and quickness with this advanced training. 



Rise as One will participate only in tournaments and/or leagues during the summer AAU Season and limited travel for younger teams. However, electing to participate in out-of-state tournaments may sometimes depend on the talent level of the team. For each tournament, Rise as One attempts to match the skill level of the team to the general level of competition.


under armour uniforms.

Under Armour, which helps athletes improve their performance, is a top provider of basketball uniforms. NJ Thunder is in the works to be exclusively wearing the Under Armour brand for all games and practice uniforms.